Grand Tour Collection

The GrandTour collection comes from the Borrazzi D’eramo family, artisans and Roman antiquarians, always immersed in beauty: art, antiquity, history and cultural traditions, in the magical surroundings of the eternal city. In 1947 the goldsmith and watchmaker’s workshop was born, where the tradition of craftsmanship was formed. The second generation transformed the workshop into an antique shop, where the study of antiquity and art is pursued.

The third generation of the Borrazzi Family, Michela and Roberto, summarized the grandparents’ craftsmanship tradition, with the experience of their parents, Violetta D’eramo and Leonardo Borrazzi. After selling for years in their gallery in Via dei Coronari, unique and rare objects selected around the world, they created a new collection of jewelry, GrandTour, which contains the images and references to the immense cultural and historical heritage of Italy, presented in a modern, current appearance of great attraction.

Over the years spent working in a context rich in ancient objects, in Roberto and Michela’s antique shop passed techniques, colors, forms, ideas, valuable objects, different styles, cameos of all sorts and many collections of carvings. The latter, which represented in the past a kind of inventory of works of art, have greatly inspired the GrandTour collection.

The GrandTour collection aims to give new impetus to an extraordinary artistic heritage through the use of color and new and modern materials, such as Plexiglas and resin blends created exclusively on a base composed of a noble and ancient material as the bronze. The research of the materials used and the shapes are in constant development and evolution, and they will bring the Grand Tour collection towards new unexpected design solutions.