Leo Pizzo

Leo Pizzo has been making jewelry for 45 years and it is internationally appreciated for the beauty and quality of their jewels. In 1971 a very young Leonzio opened his first jewelry workshop which today boasts a hundred employees. In the 80’s he met his future wife, Rosaria Di Giorgio, gemologist. Tancredi, Rocco and Teresa, their three sons born from the happy marriage, represent the new generation that will continue the growing of Leo Pizzo company. The quality of raw materials and the sophisticated design are cornerstones that qualify the brand: Mr. Pizzo, a lover of contemporary art, personally designs timeless masterpieces in limited edition.

The union between technological innovation and the protection of the noble art of goldsmith distinguishes the Leo Pizzo brand. Each jewel is followed step by step by a master craftsman who creates not only with his hands but with his heart, creating something unique. The company is based in Valenza, the heart of the Italian goldsmith tradition.

For Leo Pizzo the concept of responsibility could be translated first of all in the search for the highest quality. A very strong bond connects the brand to the district of Valenza, guarantee throughout the world of manufacturing tradition and training of the best resources in the goldsmith’s field. The brand never wanted to relocate the production because of the very high concentration of specific skills that could be found in the territory and the real possibility of research and development offered. The ability to attract the best talents allowed to build a company internationally appreciated over the years.

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