Uno de 50

Uno de 50 is the brainchild of Concha Díaz del Río, passionate girl since the restyling DIY and then became a designer. Tired of creating commercial accessories for third parties, she decided in 1997 (at age 33) to create her own alternative brand, for different fashion accessories. And since her specialization were the belts, she turned to the skin craftsmen to realize his ideas.
After almost 20 years, Uno de 50 has opened 70 stores around the world.

The choice of the brand, Uno de 50, indicates that the production is up to 50 pieces for each creation, numbered on the padlock, symbol of the brand. A distant memory now, since its market has definitely expanded, even if the padlock remained. Today only limited editions are numbered.
The allure a bit folk of Uno de 50’s maxi creations resembles a gypsy-style in metropolitan version:large rings with stones, long necklaces with large pendants and chokers with many pendants.

The designs are simple but the effect is precisely that of handmade, a manual craftsmanship (100% Spanish) that makes it impossible to make two perfectly identical or absolutely perfect objects.

The materials are varied and colorful, and reminiscent of the land in which the brand was born: Madrid. Colored Swarovski, hand-painted resins, Bali’s crystals, Murano glass, synthetic pearls and Argentinian leather are used to decorate pewter, a tin metal alloy (at least 90%) and other metals (antimony, copper or bismuth). The creations are then plated in 15 micron silver.