On 15 October 1936, the Maison “Veuve de Philippe Hüther” transferred the brand “The Tudor”, created in 1926, to Hans Wilsdorf who had the intuition to create a watch, less expensive, but just as reliable as Rolex for a specific target.

In this same period, the rose of the Tudor dynasty appeared on the dials. Inscribed within a shield, this logo symbolised the invincible union of strength – the watch’s robustness – with grace – the beauty of its lines.

Just after the Second World War, Hans Wilsdorf knew that the time had come to expand and give the brand a proper identity of its own. Thus, on 6 March 1946, he created the “Montres TUDOR S.A.” company, specialising in models for both men and women. Rolex would guarantee the technical, aesthetic and functional characteristics, along with the distribution and after-sales service.
Since then Tudor presents its models to the market, enhancing its robustness and reliability.

In 1954 the first SUBMARINER was released, which will become the diving watch par excellence, up to today’s Tudor Heritage Black Bay.