It was 1994 when Pomellato set out to expand its precious world by unveiling a new jewellery concept, made with just one gram of gold and specially dedicated to the young generations and their craving for trendy and easy-to-wear pieces.

The idea of Dodo was born in Mauritius, the marvellous island where the real Dodo once lived. The story of this lovable and quirky bird inspired us, as well as the local custom to string shells together in typical keepsakes. Thus, Pomellato started to design charms to celebrate them both, following the same style vision and creative freedom that has always distinguished the Italian Maison.

Unisex pieces of jewellery, with a strong identity and unique story-telling soul, in which every creature, symbol and letter holds a special meaning or a sense of love, luck, friendship and freedom.

Crafted by the expert hands of our artisans, and enhanced by an unconventional, playful and often ironic spirit, Dodo’s message received instant and still growing recognition, first triggered by the humorous and symbolic “talking charms”: the quintessence of the emotional and sentimental value that gives life to every Dodo piece.

Dodo is an Italian brand with a worldwide calling. A “glocal” product that balances the exclusiveness of local expertise with a global appeal capable of dialoguing with every consumer and country in the world, thanks to iconic universal mantras such as “follow your dreams”, “we are the lucky ones” and “tell your story.”

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