Matteo Bonadies

The History

A business that since 1890 continuously serves its customers in the same city and which continues to be managed successfully with dedication by the direct descendants of the founders of the business itself, it can no longer be defined as “commercial”, but becomes, in fact and law, an institution for the city and for all the surrounding territory.

A common good to protect and preserve.

First Matteo and Giuseppe Azzariti, followed by Vincenzo Bonadies and sons, then Matteo and Francesca Bonadies and today Enzo and Valeria Bonadies are the protagonists of this beautiful story.

Precisely Matteo Bonadies, who began working in the jewelry store in 1958 and still, despite having entrusted his two sons Enzo and Valeria with daily conduct, dedicates time to his profession, tells of having gone through three economic crises.

But, if you think about it, the jewelry store has survived two world wars, the monarchy and the first republic. A record to be imitated!

Today Matteo Bonadies Gioielli presents itself more like a well-finished and skillful display of jewels, watches and objects of the best luxury brands, than as a store.

The smiling welcome, yet discreet and elegant, the professionalism and safety gained and layered in over a century of history, as well as the exclusive brands that it manages (Rolex, Pomellato, Vhernier, Baume & Mercier, Tudor, Dodo, P67 and others), make it the obligatory goal of an attached and loyal clientele, that of anyone wants to buy an object of authentic value in all serenity, privacy and pleasantness.

The decision to show yourself and tell stories on the web stems from the desire to give more people the opportunity to get in touch with this extraordinary reality, get informed and enjoy their excellent service with the certainty of always making the best possible choice.

Five generations of jewelers

Since 1890 at the service of our customers with the same attention,
the same passion and the same enthusiasm as always.

Matteo Azzariti
Giuseppe Azzariti
Vincenzo Bonadies
Matteo e Francesca Bonadies
Valeria Bonadies
Vincenzo Bonadies


The customers we love

Lots of photos with our customers and a unique object, chosen with care, passion and competence to satisfy their desires and make them serene and sure that they have made the best possible purchase for them.