Ultima Edizione was born in 1987 becoming quickly renowned for its refined selection of superior-quality silver jewelry. Ultima Edizione features the ideal blend of style, fashion and refined Italian design. Since the beginning, the aim of the founders has been to make their collections known all over the world. Italian design is synonymous of top-quality materials and accurate finishes of the jewel. In a few years, Ultima Edizione set up an extensive sales network that now distributes silver jewelry in Italy, Switzerland, France, Austria, Germany and numerous other countries, also counting the presence in numerous duty-free shops.

Two collections are launched each year, Spring/Summer in January and Autumn/Winter in June. In 1998 Ultima Edizione opened its own prestigious showroom at 8 Corso Venezia in the heart of Milan, the flagship of fashion made in Italy.

Ultima Edizione represents a lifestyle expressed in quality choices, quality of materials, manufacture quality and the quality of the design. Due to these choices Ultima Edizione has reinterpreted the silver jewels world, upsetting the old concept with a mixture of bent, fancy and creativity, giving life to refined and innovative products, studied in all their details. Silver is molded in order to create emotions to be worn and changed every day, just like clothes. Every silver jewel has its own story, its character and it is studied and realized in agreement with the dynamic and creative taste of the modern woman, with her lifestyle and with her desire to reinvent herself every day.

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